Track Daily Volatility of Stocks and Futures


Last Trading Day Daily Volatility of Stocks and Futures

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How to use the Equityfriend Volatility Tool 


  1. There is a drop down list to select stocks. Select the stock whose volatility trend you want to analyse.
  2. Click on Get Data button to fetch volatility data of the stock.
  3. A chart will get populated with day wise Applicable Daily Volatility of the stock. You can analyse the volatility trend on short term and long term basis looking at the chart (Increasing, Decreasing, Flat).
  4. There is also a table which shows the detailed volatility data of previous trading day for all the FnO stocks (Last Trading Day Daily Volatility of Stocks and Futures) in decreasing order of daily volatility. 
  5. Key columns to focus on are the last two which contain the applicable Daily Volatility(greater of spot or future daily volatility) and applicable Annual Volatility(greater of spot or future annual volatility)
  6. To convert applicable Daily Volatility and applicable Annualized Volatility to %, multiply by 100. For example, for the INFIBEAM record shown below, daily volatility in % will be 0.2819*100 = 28.19%  (which means the stock has the potential to move in the range of (+-) 28% daily - very risky to trade at the moment) and Annual Volatility will be 5.3856*100 = 538.56%  (which means the stock has the potential to move in the range of (+-) 538% annually)




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