Option Max Pain Chart, Put Call Ratio Chart, Open Interest Chart, Security Wise Delivery Position Chart

Option Max Pain Chart, Put Call Ratio, Open Interest, Security Wise Delivery Position

Option Max Pain, Open Interest, Put Call ratio and Security Wise Delivery Position are some of the key indicators which can help in anticipating the stock price movement and overall market direction. Put call ratio data is quite effective in forecasting the overall market direction and as per Option Maximum Pain theory, its possible to predict the exact strike price a stock or index would close at on expiry date. Similarly, Options Open Interest Data helps in identifying the trading range of nifty or a particular stock while Security Wise Delivery Position data can help investors predict the future stock price movements. When analysed together, Option Pain data, Put Call Ratio, Open Interest data, and Security Wise Deliverable Position can give a fair hint about profitable trades. With Equityfriend option data analysis tool, users can now know the Option Max Pain Level, identify the trading range, gauze overall market sentiment and predict future stock price movements in single window. Just choose the stock or index you want to analyse from the dropdown below and click on the relevant buttons to plot and analyse Option Max Pain, Put Call Ratio, Open Interest and Security Wise Delivery Position. Data is updated every End of Day and all the data can be cross verified from Nse India.

Stocks Showing Divergence From Option Max Pain

Date Stock Deviation_%
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A Word of Caution: Investors should use the option data trend as one of the tools in the decision-making process and not completely rely on them for investment calls.

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