Security Wise Delivery Position - Analyse security wise deliverable position of nse stocks and bse stocks and compare security wise deliverable percentage to security wise traded percentage

Security Wise Delivery Positions

With equityfriend security wise delivery position plotting tool, technical analysis or short term analysis of stocks is so easy now. You can pick winners for your stock portfolio by analysing percentage of deliverable quantity to total traded quantity and price statistics graphically. You can analyse stock wise delivery positions or security wise deliverable percentage for a single stock or you can analyse security wise deliverable position with respect to various nse indexes and all nifty stocks. Just choose the company or the nse index below and plot them graphically. You can also use our Fundamental Analysis Tool to aid to your analysis.

How to use Security Wise Delivery Position Data

Careful analysis of price and security wise delivery position data can help investors predict the future price movements of a particular stock. Hence, investors are advised to use security wise deliverable percentage as a confirmatory parameter to validate their investment decision. Let's say you have identified a stock A for investment at a price P based on fundamental and technical analysis. To be doubly sure of your decision, just have a look at the history of security wise deliverable percentage of the particular stock:

1. A low deliverable quantity or delivery percentage over a period of time (few days to a month) is indicative of a high intraday activity (Buying in the morning and selling in the evening or vice versa). This means that the current price trend (either up or down) is dubious and will be short lived.

2. A high deliverable quantity or delivery percentage over a period of time (few days to a month) is indicative of positional or long term activity i.e. buying and holding for long term (bullish) or selling and getting out of the stock completely (bearish). This means that the current price trend (either up or down) is going to sustain for relatively longer period.

Based on the conclusion you reach after studying the security wise deliverable percentage, you should use the following Decision Table to take the final decision on stock P:

security wise delivery position analysis

How to use Equityfriend Security Wise Delivery Position Tool

Our tool enables you to plot the security wise delivery percentage and price chart of individual NSE stocks and various stock indices for past 60 trading sessions (approximately 3 months trading data). With the visual chart, investors can very well interpret the underlying trend and spot the anomalies in price movements. Our tool also enables investors to identify stocks having the highest and lowest delivery percentage on a given day. Using this facility, investors can very easily create a list of preferred stocks which they want to track on a daily basis. The preferred list and visual analysis will ultimately lead to more rewarding investment decisions. All in all it’s a simple three step process:

1. Just choose the NSE stock code or the Stock Index you want to track from the above drop down

2. Plot the chart by clicking the appropriate buttons

3. Do the visual analysis of the data. Map your analysis with the decision table above and take the final buy or sell decision

For more details on how to use the tool, please click on the User Guide button above.

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