How to invest in global stock market from India


Technology is aiding investors like never before. There are markets abroad where you can invest and reap the benefits of other countries’ growth and policies. Today, you can get the information about any company, fund, or any other investment assets on your computer immediately. SEBI has allowed Indian investors to trade in 24 global indices’ derivatives across the world. To get more details of the indices which you can trade in please visit the NSE web site (

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Tips to Maximize Gains while Selling Shares

Long term investment is a fine way of building wealth over time. We must remember that we cannot use this wealth unless we liquidate the investment, and convert it into cash. Many times, we are stuck with wrong investment choices and do not liquidate because of fear of converting notional loss to real loss. Sometimes, we keep stocks for longer period even when the stock has run up to its peak and has given us expected returns. The reason is many investors do not know when to sell their investments.

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Taxation rules for bonus share and stock split

Companies pay dividends to share the earnings. They do it in two ways, either as bonus share (also known as stock dividend) or cash dividend. In case of cash dividend, cash is paid to the shareholders after the companies’ pays dividend distribution tax. However, the tax implication of bonus share is not so clear for many investors. This article will try to explain the tax implication and how it works in bonus share. We will also discuss the tax implication in case of share split.

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How to benefit from FII activity in stock Market

FPI transaction or FII transactions are closely watched by analysts and broking houses. FPI activity or FII activity draws a lot of attention, which can be attributed to its direct correlation with stock market performance. A cursory look at stock indices performance in last ten years will prove this point. Although the correlation is not one to one, stock market moves up when FII pour money and it plunges when they book profit. Read on to find out how a retail investor can benefit from this love hate relationship of FII’s with Indian stock market.

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Dealing with corporate governance issues


Corporate Governance issues have marred Indian corporate sector and stock market in recent times. There have been cases where promoters did not reveal the pledging of shares, involved in insider trading, and sometimes, siphoned off money. Pledging of shares and insider trading are relatively common events. Siphoning off money is very rare event.The only good part of such misdeeds is that SEBI comes up with stronger regulations but the bad part is that there will always be cases of bad governance which will hurt the stakeholders of the company; employees, shareholders, and customers.

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Risk Analysis of Mutual Funds


Mutual funds operate on various themes which exposes them to different kind of risks. Although they are professionally managed but element of risk still remains. These risks can be attributed to economic performance, diversification, sector growth and individual company performance. Prior to taking an investment decision investors should crosscheck funds performance with respect to various risk measures.In this article we will try to understand the parameters using which funds performance is measured and risk analysis is done. Investors must perform comparative analysis of these parameters before making an investment decision.

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