When to sell your stock

Investment decision comprises of two parts i.e. buying and selling. While buying is embedded in our gene (that’s the reason we find most of the retail investors going for junk stocks), selling doesn’t come so easily (That’s the reason retail investors keep on incubating junk stocks in the hope – someday they will hatch J). To keep you well informed, here is a primer on the art of selling stocks once you have bought it (Be it junk or a great stock).

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Best option to invest in gold


Government is hell bent on reducing gold imports and Indian consumers are hell bent on buying gold. Every now and then RBI comes out with a new restriction so as to reduce gold import but much to its chagrin Indian consumers are simply not listening. World Gold Council expects India's gold import to touch a record high of 300-400 tonnes in first quarter of FY14. Indians buy gold in different formats and if you are planning to join the mad rush, you can use this article to analyse the pros and cons of different type of gold investments.

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How credit card works

Credit cards have made life so easy for us and it will not be wrong to tag credit cards as one of the greatest innovations of financial world. Since they have arrived, cash has lost its significance. Earlier whenever somebody wanted to do some costly purchasing he had to undergo a lengthy and risky process. You need to go to the bank, carry a lot of cash with you, reach the shop, make payment and then take the delivery. The process was both time consuming and painful. As credit card has added wings to our spending power, it’s worth knowing how the whole system operates.

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Best way to measure mutual fund investment risk


Mutual funds work on two major premises. The first premise is diversification and the second is professional management. Both of them help fund houses reduce risk induced by investing in individual assets. While mutual funds have been able to diversify the risk of individual assets, they also expose investors to risk. In this article, we will see the parameters which are often used to evaluate the performance of mutual funds and hence help fund managers and investors assess the mutual fund risks associated with their investment.

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Things to know about Inflation Indexed Bond

Benjamin Franklin once said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. While taxes may not be true for many people, death is. After all, we have just 42,000 people who earn more than a crore. Poor souls, they must be regretting after declaring their income. The bad news, however, is that you cannot save yourself from inflation, a form of indirect tax on your earning. Especially, in a country like India where average spend on food and basic necessities form the bulk of expenditure, inflation is killing. This possibly explains Indians’ penchant for gold because it has proved its worth time and again.

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Investment in Gold


Gold has given spectacular returns in since 2000. The price has gone up from $279 an ounce in 2000 to $1531 an ounce in 2011. The prices of gold have seen much fluctuation in last couple of years. There have been discussions on dollar weakening and countries preferring Gold reserve. There were some action on this front and China bought a big reserve of Gold. The allure of yellow metal never seems to wane. People buy Gold for various reasons and one of them is for investment purpose.

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