Company Fixed Deposit

If you want return in the range of 8 to 15% (15% return is quite competitive with respect to stock market returns) considering you are risk averse and you do not want to invest in stock market, what are the options available with you? There is an investment option i.e. Company Fixed Deposits which can be good alternative for investors with low risk appetite and high return expectation. Let’s discuss the suitability of this investment option.

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Capital Gains Tax on Equity

Tax filing season is the busiest period of financial year for earning people as one has to complete tax filing formalities. Situation gets tough if you are earning from diversified sources and your investments spans debt, equity, mutual funds, real estate and commodities which ultimately increase the complexity of tax filing process.Taxes for different asset classes are handled differently by Indian tax laws.

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Dividend Paying Stocks

For long term investors high dividend yield stocks offer great investment opportunity. These stocks act as safe haven as they provide good returns with greater degree of safety. Even in volatile market condition, an investor gets a decent return on investment in the form of perpetual dividends.The dividends are paid independent of the direction of stock movement generating decent return without losing the ownership of the stock.

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Various Corporate Actions

When we purchase stock of a particular company we are basically buying an ownership into that company. Although the ownership percentage is very less but still management actions affect our profit percentage both in terms of stock price movement and corporate action taken (dividends, stock splits, bonus, share buyback etc).

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