How to benefit from FII activity in stock Market

FPI transaction or FII transactions are closely watched by analysts and broking houses. FPI activity or FII activity draws a lot of attention, which can be attributed to its direct correlation with stock market performance. A cursory look at stock indices performance in last ten years will prove this point. Although the correlation is not one to one, stock market moves up when FII pour money and it plunges when they book profit. Read on to find out how a retail investor can benefit from this love hate relationship of FII’s with Indian stock market.

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Risk Analysis of Mutual Funds


Mutual funds operate on various themes which exposes them to different kind of risks. Although they are professionally managed but element of risk still remains. These risks can be attributed to economic performance, diversification, sector growth and individual company performance. Prior to taking an investment decision investors should crosscheck funds performance with respect to various risk measures.In this article we will try to understand the parameters using which funds performance is measured and risk analysis is done. Investors must perform comparative analysis of these parameters before making an investment decision.

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Overseas Credit Card Transaction Charges

So you had a nice trip to Europe. This vacation plan was due since long and you enjoyed it to the hilt. Apart from site seeing and fine dining you made a killing at shopping too. Your so called best friend “The International Credit Card” was doing the magic for you. You are smart enough and were noting the exchange rate on the day you were making purchases. You have done your conversions and are sure about your credit card bill in INR terms (Say X).You receive your credit card statement, but you are shocked to see the due amount.

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Fighting Oil Price Hike using Stock Market

Soon the Oil PSU's will be announcing the breaking news “Petrol prices are going to increase from tomorrow”. I agree that as a common investor we don’t have much control on Government Policies, but we still have our investment acumen intact. Without going into the details of Government Policy and discussing if there should be a price hike or not,let’s accept it for the time being that fuel prices are bound to increase in future. Let's try to find out how we can benefit from this bad news by investing smartly in stock market.

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Is Online Forex Trading Good for Students?


Low capital requirement and advent of online platforms has made online forex trading hassle free. Relatively low entry barriers and huge profit potential is motivating student and professionals alike to participate in forex market. Forex trading or currency trading is based on fluctuating exchange rates of different currencies with respect to each other in forex market. If you are a student and planning to start on forex trading, you should get to know the advantages and disadvantages of forex trading first. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of online forex trading and things to do before you start your journey.

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Taxation of Mutual Fund Schemes

Mutual funds are structured like trusts and they themselves are exempt from taxes. However, individual investors and the trustee company are liable to pay taxes on the profit made on the investment. Taxability of capital gains and treatment of capital losses is different for equity and debt oriented schemes. Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is levied on investments in equity oriented mutual fund schemes. Similarly Dividend distribution tax is applicable on dividends paid by debt oriented mutual fund schemes.

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