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Do your own analysis

No need to rely on tips and recommendations. Use our data to do your own analysis and make informed decisions.

Save Time

No need to browse through different websites for information. We keep historical data in highly searchable format.

Be ahead of others

No need to rely on stale data. We update data that is easily verifiable every EOD from first hand sources like BSE and NSE.

Need New Toos?

Have a great idea

Do you have a great idea regarding an investment tool which can help in increasing your investment and trading profit.

Did not find any one providing that tool

Tried researching, but could not find any one who offers such tools. Wondering how to capitalise on the idea?

No worries :-)

Just share that idea with us. Hopefully we will develop the functionality for you. Drop us a mail at  queries@equityfriend.com

Want Support?

We provide broking and advisory service in almost all the financial assets like Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, Gold, Insurance and Tax Saving products.

If you need personal assistance in starting your investment journey, we are available for discussion at queries@equityfriend.com.

Key benefits of investing with us:

1. We do not charge any fee for our advisory service

2. We do the hand holding to make you a smart investor

3. We provide pan India services

We are hoping to build a small but committed group of long term sponsors who can help us to grow the site. We aim for non overlapping sponsorships with a minimum commitment of one year so that each sponsor is able to achieve its own objectives while supporting us.

What the sponsors get in return:

  • Lead Generation Opportunities
  • Product and Content Promotion
  • Advertising space
  • Customised sponsorship solution

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